Explore Open Acadia: Acadia University's Online and Continuing Education Destination

A student smiles as she works at a laptop in a cozy bedroom or loft space.

Open Acadia provides innovative, inclusive, and accessible learning opportunities for Acadia students and the wider community.  

Led by the Director of Open Acadia, it provides students with the flexibility to work towards their degrees in convenient spring, summer, or online formats, and offers educational opportunities to youth, professionals, and seniors.

Programs are delivered utilizing pedagogical methods that match the preferences of diverse student groups, either on-campus, off-campus, or online. The Learning Technology & Instructional Design (LTID) provides faculty with learning technology support, from the development and design of online courses to the use of ACORN for on-campus courses.

Open Acadia supports and administers the following programs and services:

  • Online Learning courses offer students the opportunity and flexibility to study anywhere, anytime in both continuous-intake (open-entry) courses.

  • Summer Courses course offerings provide students with more flexibility in their scheduling and can be an excellent opportunity to catch up on credits or get ahead in their studies. Sessions are offered on-campus and online.

  • Exam Proctoring Services are available for Acadia students and other students for online courses.

  • Master of Education is offered in a full-time, part-time, and cohort programs for teachers and educational professionals.

  • English Language Centre offers the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program for students to improve their English language skills before beginning undergraduate or graduate study.